biopicI am an attorney and CPA living in Springfield, Missouri USA. I graduated from Harvard Law School, and attended Harvard Divinity School. My specialization is legal and tax issues for religious organizations, and I have written over 50 books and publish 2 newsletters in this field. You can see my various publications on my other website, I became hooked on astronomy after taking a single look at Saturn through my brother’s 4 inch reflector when I was in high school. My first telescope was a Celestron 8″ SCT. Over the years I have purchased several other telescopes, and built a 6″ reflector (including polishing the mirror).

I am married and have three grown children. My other hobby is sailing aboard our Island Packet 350 sailboat, the “5 Hammars,” on beautiful Lake Stockton in southwest Missouri. I also am one of 270 Professional Registered Parliamentarians in the United States, an “extra class” amateur radio operator, a certified diesel mechanic, and a fifth grade Sunday School class teacher (for 25 years).


I was an agnostic, and eventually an atheist, during my college years, until I experienced a life-changing conversion to Christianity toward the end of my undergraduate studies. My background is somewhat unique in that I have personally identified with agnosticism, atheism, and Christianity. I continue to empathize, and relate to, those who reject God. I have been there. But I have found by far the greatest peace and fulfillment through my Christian faith. Jesus said, “seek and you will find,” the word “seek” being the present durative tense meaning that it more accurately could be translated “keep on seeking and you will find.” Our journey in life is a process. As you seek, may you, as I, encounter the life-transforming power of the Christian faith. It is my hope and prayer that this website will assist you along the way! © Richard Hammar 2004-2016 |
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