“Edge-on” Galaxy NGC 4565



NGC 4565 is the largest and most impressive example of an "edge on" spiral galaxy. Spiral galaxies are shaped similarly to a plate, and in this case the plate is exactly parallel to our line of sight so all we see is the "edge." By contrast, a "face-on" spiral galaxy is perpendicular to our line of sight, and we see the galaxy as we would a plate on the floor beneath us. This galaxy is located 31 million light years away in the constellation Coma Berenices.

Image Name:

Date Taken:

November 2016

Location Taken:

Misti Mountain Observatory, NW Arizona USA

Conditions of Location:

Equipment Used:

32" Ritchie-Cretein telescope, SBIG STL11000 camera

Processing Used:

2.5 hours LRGB, image acquisition by Jim Misti, processing by Richard Hammar

Distance from Location:

31 million light years


Coma Berenices

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